Seminole County holds the 6th highest taxable value in Florida based on value per square mile. Each square mile, on an average, in Seminole County contains $156,170,294 of taxable value.

Seminole County is the 3rd smallest county (by total area) in Florida with a total of 344 square miles. Of the total 344 square miles, 309 square miles are land and 35 square miles are water, making it the 4th smallest by land area.

The 2024 Just (Market) Value is $83,490,229,220 which is a 7.11% increase since last year.

The 2024 Taxable Value is $53,722,581,211 which is a 8.43% increase since last year.

The 2024 Save Our Homes capped amount for Seminole County equals $16,441,457,705 in value. This amounts to an average capped amount of $153,989 in value, per homesteaded property in Seminole County.

The Seminole County Property Appraiser's (SCPA) office currently maintains 179,839 Real Property Parcels and 13,613 Tangible Personal Property Accounts.

The SCPA's office granted 106,770 Homestead Exemptions and 5,932 Senior Exemptions in 2024.

SCPA's office processed 1,287 Portability applications with a total portability value of $150,725,757.


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