Homestead Exemption was created as a benefit for homeowners living in Florida. Homestead Fraud is a serious issue that affects every taxpayer. When someone is receiving an exemption to which he or she is not entitled to, law-abiding property owners must make up the difference in lost tax revenue by paying higher taxes.

If you are aware of anyone who is claiming homestead exemption on a property in Seminole County that he or she is not eligible for, we urge you to make a report.

Examples of homestead fraud are:

The owner(s) claim homestead exemption, but permanent residence is elsewhere

The owner(s) claim homestead exemption, but they rent the property to others for any portion of the year

The owner(s) claim homestead exemption on more than one property (including a homestead exemption in another state)

To report suspected fraud, please either use the "Report Suspected Homestead Fraud" link from the parcel details or click here. You may do so anonymously or you may provide contact information so that we may contact you with any questions. You may also report by calling 407-665-7506.

PLEASE NOTE : The status of a property on January 1st of each year is used to determine the property’s value and exemption status for the entire year. If a property owner has Homestead Exemption and sells the property after January 1st, the exemption will remain on the property for the entire calendar year, and will be removed as of January 1st for the following year.

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